Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pets and Weddings:

WP&G Photoshoot
For many people, us included, our pets are our babies. We put our fur babies in our family pictures.  We include them in holiday celebrations and birthdays. So, why would we not include them in one of the most important days of our lives?  

When we first started The Darling Wedding Co, Jayme had a picture of her and her husband from their wedding with their two doggies.  The picture with #thedarlingpups was such a huge hit with couples, DWC ended up planning weddings with dogs, cats, horses, a bird or two, and even a ferret!

Jayme & Dean '04
We have a few things for you to ponder when trying to incorporate your babies into your wedding:

1. Does he or she like people and crowds?  Some pets love people and are not at all intimidated by large crowds, while others like to hang out under the bed when you have people over. If your little one is the latter, maybe just a quick stop by your house or apartment with your photographer for a few pictures is the best route for you and your fur baby.

 #thedarling pups Photo by: Errin Hildtbrand Photography
2. Does your venue allow pets?  Most churches and many reception venues are not keen on having animals in their facility.  Discuss with your planner or site coordinators what their policies are regarding animals prior to the wedding day.  If they are not able to participate in the main events on the wedding day, pick a park to have a friend bring them to and get pictures with them there instead.

Photo by: Twig and Olive 
3. If you fur baby is great with people and the venue allows them to participate, you still have a few more things to do to insure your and their happiness.  First hire or assign someone to be responsible for you baby. You will not have time or the ability to take care of the little guy, so you WILL need someone to do it for you.  Next, make sure you have a plan for when they are coming and when they are leaving.  Depending on how long they are going to be there they may need, water, food, or potty breaks.  And, last, remember they are unpredictable so they will likely not do what you expect them to.  But, whatever they do will be totally adorable and make wonderful memories!

If you take these simple steps ahead of time, having your fur babies at your wedding can be a wonderful thing!

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