Friday, February 24, 2017

Fashion Friday

To Veil or Not to Veil

The tradition behind a bridal veil dates back to ancient Greek and Romans’ fear of evil spirits. The veil was a form of disguise, not only for the demons, but also for the bride’s partner. The tulle fabric would shield the bride’s face from her future spouse; as superstition believed, it was bad luck to see one another prior to the wedding ceremony.

Eventually, the meaning behind a veil began to take on a religious tradition. Veils symbolized modesty and chastity similar to that of a white gown. While veils can still serve a religious purpose today, veils are now seen as a bridal icon.

In many cases, trying on a veil for the first time is the moment that transforms you into a bride. It completes the transformation and acts as a personal style statement. From traditional cathedral veils for a royal feel, to caged veils for a more period feel, the most important part of a veil is how it makes you feel. It’s important not to compete with your dress, but compliment it. Don’t cover up the drama of a gown.

Consider reasons why a veil may not be the perfect fit for you. Is your wedding outdoors? Veils can be very unruly with wind, especially at beach weddings.  Beware of sticky lip-gloss – tulle is not necessarily its best friend. In that case, there are other alternatives to veils such as flower crowns, tiaras, jeweled barrettes, headbands, etc. Maybe you don’t want any hair accessories to take away from your gown? Whatever the reason, the question of whether to veil or not to veil is your decision and yours alone.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco exchanging rings during their wedding in 1956 ( This picture shows the impact a veil can make.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Wisconsin Bride - Best of 2017

WI Bride Best of 2017

Wisconsin brides, Madison brides in particular, are tremendously fortunate to have access to so many wonderful wedding professionals. Over our thirteen years of planning, we have been honored to get to work with many talented wedding vendors. We wanted to recognize some of the professionals we have worked with over the last year or so. 

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Jayme and Katie

FUN FACT:  We did our first wedding with Erin at Daffodil Parker WAY back in 2006! Tracy, our sweet bride, was also a labor and delivery nurse at the time and ended up being Erin's nurse while she was having her daughter!
FUN FACT: Jamae is one talented and BUSY woman! She has three beautiful kids, one of which is an infant whom she sometimes has strapped to her while creating some of the most gorgeous arrangements we’ve ever seen!
FUN FACT: Working with Cathy is a hoot! That girl is so talented, but also so fun to work with. We absolutely adore her and her beautiful creations.

FUN FACT: We may have shed a tear or two when Cheryl, the Events Manager, left Bishop's for a short period. We are thrilled she is back!
FUN FACT: Although we have not worked at this lovely venue as many times as the other Madison venues, it has quickly become a favorite of ours for many reasons.
FUN FACT: Emily, one of the banquet managers, could be a member of our family...gingers rule the world! She and Katie went to the same high school together!

FUN FACT: Geoffrey is our non-profit hero! That man donates so much time to working with various charities.
FUN FACT: We have known Scott since before we started doing weddings… he even did Jayme and Dean's wedding!

FUN FACT: Event Essentials was one of the first vendors we ever worked with WAY back in 2004!
FUN FACT: A La Crate is one of Katie's favorite places to go because antiques and vintage are her jam!

FUN FACT: Kathy recently adopted one of Katie’s dream dogs… a Bernese mountain dog!

FUN FACT: Lindsay, the lead baker at GiGi's, is one of the coolest people we get to work with! She is funny, sweet and talented all rolled into one.
FUN FACT: Jayme and the ladies from Craig's Cakes were on a TV show together in 2010! We absolutely loved their white chocolate shavings.
FUN FACT: Bloom Bake Shop is such a unique treasure in Madison. They truly create beautiful and delicious desserts!

Hair and Makeup
FUN FACT: Kendra, in addition to being an amazing hair and make-up artist, went to school with Jayme’s husband Dean!
FUN FACT: Mckenzie, is a true talent who also happened to school with Jayme’s brother Brad!
FUN FACT: Colie is a talented hair designer with the biggest heart. This is where Katie gets her hair done!

Wedding Planner
FUN FACT: We like to think that we are pretty organized, dedicated, detailed, crazy, and fun! J

FUN FACT: In all our years of doing tented weddings, we have by far used Upstairs Downstairs the most!
FUN FACT: The wonderful people at Underground helped us pull off two tented weddings in one day! We would have never have been able to do it without them.
FUN FACT: Katie’s family is best friends with Tim DiMenna and his family, co-owners of Blue Plate! Their staff is always friendly and very responsive.

Bridal Apparel and Accessories
FUN FACT:  Both of Katie’s sisters have found their dresses at Marah’s. Marah and her sister have such a wonderful selection of gowns!
FUN FACT: Jayme worked as a bridal consultant for Vera’s in both Madison and Janesville when she was 19!

FUN FACT: Bobbi, Doug and Courtney are the best… we have so much fun working in collaboration with them and their talented visions!
FUN FACT: Errin is from the same small town as our extended family… making her apart of our family!
FUN FACT: Michael and Heather are honestly a couple of dream photographers. We have shared so many memories with them over the past thirteen years!

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